Monday, July 18, 2016

Something new..

This new journal, I am really loving.

It's been a week -
 working through the stages;

tearing, staining, 
drying & pressing the paper,

preparing the reclaimed leather cover,

adding the fabric & endpapers.

& stitching the book.

I was thrilled to find some fabric,
that matched the endpapers well.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

In the Moment

 These days I feel very much in the moment. 
Creating seems to come with ease & flow. 
Amidst the winter mornings, 
I take quiet moments in a cafe to journal and reflect. 

Then to the atelier where I create journals,
in which others may reflect. 
Those I may never meet, who may go places I might never go. 

This in itself - it's like a sparkle to me. 
The unknown, 
that allows me to imagine and wonder. 

In my quiet moments, 
this is what I do.
Imagine, and wonder.

I figure it's good to always keep the mind sharp.
Sharp as a razor.
Stimulate, educate -
be alert, aware and awake.

With wet ground underfoot and clear blue sky above,
I arrived at the atelier the other morning,
and immediately began taking photographs. 

Here I share these sights taken around my atelier.

majestic native trees

this odd collection of wonder...

always captures my eye..

preserved in stone..
antique French mangle cloth..

hand-aged and drying in the morning sun..

excited to use this in some up & coming journals..
The Daisy Journal 

The Storyteller

The Traveler

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rainy Thursday Creations

In between bouts of grey stormy skies
and intermittent humid rain,

I scurried back & forth with white dry paper 
to stain for a few hours,
whilst also fetching the wet & stained pieces to dry.

In my monotonous meditative state, 
I took each piece, 
one by one,
and laid them out flat like a puzzle. 

The radio hummed. 
I saw journals in the making.

I began to create & worked right through the day
and found my niche.

These rainy wintry days, 
are little sanctuary's.

Two new journals in store.

Friday, June 3, 2016

(More) Moments

Originally, it was just going to be blue. 

Underneath the lace the covers,
is some of my vintage blue buckram cloth, 
which I adore... 
but when I saw it with lace also, 
this became something else.

This unique little book would make 
a wonderful wedding guest book, 
but I can also imagine
 someone scribbling away thoughts in it,
in the corner of a cafe somewhere.

So it was officially the first day of winter on the 1st of June.

It made itself known, with a little hailstorm.

We never get snow about the place, 

but this seemed close enough,
and lighting the fire was all the more


Thursday, May 26, 2016


I've been hankering to make this book design once again.


amidst the ferocious wind & rain we have had of late, 
I found the time to crank up the heater,
 and cocoon in the atelier with my boxes & vessels,
 & various tools of the trade.

I got a murky cellphone mugshot of the process.

Sometimes these days are delights.

The olde green press doing its work next to my apron & leather lace.


An authentic vintage Hungarian playing card begins an untold story...

432 heavily stained pages....

The thick lace adorned spine...

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