Thursday, October 5, 2017

Etsy Restock Preview

*As of October 10, all books have now sold. A restock will take place in about one week.

I have created 6 one-of-a-kind journals for this restock - reverting back to my thick leather books which were not in the last one. 

I have more of these coming leading up to Christmas, so only releasing a few at a time. 

They are enormously time consuming and I feel like I might need a helper in the studio... 

There are 5 extra thick recycled leather journals which feature a variety of vintage textiles. The textiles have been hand dyed by me, to be incorporated into the binding. There is also a vintage linen journal which has been Coptic stitched and is filled with the near-obsolete luxurious deed laid paper.

With my slow & laborious studio practice, I am unable to produce a large amount of books at any one time, so I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Each piece of paper is hand torn, stained, pressed and folded. There are between 330-430 pages in each book. The leather remnants are hand cut, stitched & embossed by hand. There are no machines in my studio, apart from the kettle, if that is a machine. I use high quality paper, decorative paper & strong Irish linen thread in all my books. These books are rustic in nature, and created specifically to look this way.

I truly love this work. It takes up a majority of my time, and I would not have it any other way.

If you click on each image you will see a larger version to show details of each book.

This restock will be tomorrow 6th October 8:00 am NZST. Please google your time zones to check what time this may be for you.

Sunset Stories *Sold

Thoughtlands *Sold

Fly *Sold

Rugged Rouge *Sold

Botanica *Sold

Quiet Moments *Sold

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


While my shoppe stands almost bare, I am behind the scenes tinkering away every day of the week on new books. I plan to only release a few at a time leading up to Christmas. 

There are larger recycled leather journals featuring various textiles & trims awaiting their finishing touches; others are half way through, some are still forming in my mind. A tidy up takes place, only to need repeating the next day, and the next. 

What is a studio without a little chaos, I say. So let that mess be. It means stuff is happening, the creativity is pouring from you. 

Here is a preview of the larger books I have brewing.

I considered also returning to a design which I have repeated many times over the years - my 'Bundler' & 'Wrapture' books which open up like a present. You can see more of these here

Meanwhile I have been stitching miniature books at night. Two more little artists made it into the store last night. One sold within minutes but the other remains for the time being. I have come up with a new twist on this design, combining my other elements into it. Each time I create one of these I look forward to the next.

Here is the black one, which has sold.

And the little brown one, which I have covered with remnants of the vintage jacket leather, and a tiny snippet of some gorgeous green linen from this book (& also this book) a while back, which I saved a sliver because I loved it so much. I wish I could find more of this linen. 

You will find more necklaces with these combination elements of my work, 
in store leading up to Christmas. 
Keep an eye out on Facebook & Instagram. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Little Artist Returns

I have made and sold so many of these now,
 after first coming up with this design a few years ago. 

They are incredibly fiddly little things, 
but as with all bookbinding techniques,
 they teach me alot of patience.

 There is a sense of slowing down for the mind, 
when I am working. 

Many other artists will understand this.

Now listed, The Little Artist


Friday, September 15, 2017

Vintage Leather Books Preview

In my latest series, I have created a small run of books which have all been crafted from one vintage leather jacket. I painstakingly took this apart, stitch by stitch - and cleaned it up to create the covers for these books.

Each one is unique.

There are:
- 2 miniature soft covered books at 4 inches high
- 1 miniature hard cover Coptic stitched book measuring 3 inches high
- 1 pair of tiny earrings (measuring 22 mm high or 2 cm)
- 1 small Coptic stitched book measuring a little over 3.5 inches wide
- 5 medium Coptic stitched notebooks measuring 5.5 inches tall.

Each book is one of a kind, so no one will have another quite like it.

These will be in my Etsy store 16 September 8:00 am NZST. You can google your time zones to check what time this will be for your country. 

With customers worldwide, it is impossible to find the right time to suit everyone, so my apologies for those who find this is inconvenient.

All the books in this series are under $100.

I have listed them from the largest, to the smallest.

See you in store! X

Bohemian Writer - *SOLD

Into Blue - *SOLD

Poetica - *SOLD

Daydreamer - *Sold

Leather & Lace - *SOLD

Rambling Rose - *SOLD
Into Blue - in Miniature - *SOLD

The Pocket Poet - *SOLD

Daily Companion -*SOLD

Whisper - Miniature Book Earrings

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