Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blues & Bindings

It happened the other day, 
when I found myself carrying 
a huge roll of Fabriano paper up the drive.

Soon after, 
I was knee deep in indigo.

I loved creating this new book. 
It has a worn, primitive appeal - a personality.

This next book is a style I haven't made for a while,
only in miniature.

It is a closed spine soft covered binding.

These take longer, and I must say,
I love seeing their spines,
before I glue the leather on.

Monday, September 26, 2016

New Books

Two new journals have landed in my store.

I have one lovely lady to thank for the gifted fabrics, 
passed on to me.

Dawn, you are a treasure. 
A parcel is coming soon your way. :)

Friday, September 23, 2016


Last night, I picked up a journal of mine from 2001, 
and began to read. 

At the time I was living in a small town in NSW, Australia.

August 12th, 2001

I spent the afternoon shooting film with Megan; milking sheds, farm houses, a lovely old Bedford truck next to the beautiful classic 19th century kitchen that I could only look at - breath taken by the authenticity of its contents. The man cornered in his armchair, cosy & snug in his chosen spot to watch the footy from the 14" TV way up high in the corner. Fresh logs chopped up to light the stove. Old kettles. Sugar & spice ceramic jars inbuilt into the wall. An old table with matching chairs. The afternoon light shining on the old Bedford past the old man's face next to the window. The light catches the doorhandle of the truck. I photograph it with 400 asa & red filter, my Nikon F90X ready in hand. The kitchen smelt like salami, and I liked the smell. There was a little room like Grandma's secret room - with couches  & lazy boys & a fireplace. A gallery of family photos dating back to the 1800s.

Gumboots by the door.

I craved my own home.

I loved taking photos today. We caught reflections of naked trees in water - so still it appeared as glass. We climbed through barbed wire fences to get our shot, Megan even got an electric shock & I had to get untangled from the fence. 

The lengths we go for our passions.

The act of writing in a journal, has always been close to my heart.

Making them has stemmed from my love of writing,
and always searching for journals.
Also, the act of making - working with my hands,
I would spend so long in the darkroom, which I no longer have.

I need to work with tangible objects.

New books, are in my store. And more to come.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pause -

The paper, linens, 
leather & thread
 are entwining around my fingers-
weaving in my thoughts;
 sometimes I lose myself.

Blue sky calls me outside, intermittently,
and I walk in the spring sunshine -
nature's perfume trickling through the air.

The current journal I am writing in for personal use,
given to me by a friend, is almost full.

I have decided to keep one I made for the store
 - for myself.
I haven't done this before
 - yet, I feel good about it.

It is this.

New journals followed me home today. 
I wonder, 
where they will go next.
(as I typed the above, one decided to go to Australia)

Friday, September 2, 2016


Lately I've taken to creating a new line of necklaces. It stemmed from trying to focus on clearing out some of my studio stash - and failing miserably at taming the creative lion along the way. 

So, I let him out.

As you do.

Hence, I worked amongst a plethora of leather bits, fabric, trims, lace & thread - with stains on my fingers from hand-aging some old wooden spools, which caught my eye as well. I think in this life, I may have benefited by being part octopus.

I am sure many of you artist readers can relate to bouts of creative inactivity, as much as times you really do have the best of intentions to do as many things at once, in case the ideas slip away as fast as they arrive.

Grab them or they are gone, right?

So these little ones appeared. A few have sold, but I have shared the images below. I am enjoying these little things - and seemingly, happily - so are my lovely customers.

You can find my miniature wearables for sale HERE 

Back to the piles of stuff...........


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