Thursday, May 26, 2016


I've been hankering to make this book design once again.


amidst the ferocious wind & rain we have had of late, 
I found the time to crank up the heater,
 and cocoon in the atelier with my boxes & vessels,
 & various tools of the trade.

I got a murky cellphone mugshot of the process.

Sometimes these days are delights.

The olde green press doing its work next to my apron & leather lace.


An authentic vintage Hungarian playing card begins an untold story...

432 heavily stained pages....

The thick lace adorned spine...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Parcel from St-Nazaire

A dear friend and talented jeweler Lucie Tales and I, made another trade. We have done so in the past which was such a delight, and since we both loved it so much decided to do so again. I love all her pieces, created with such precision and care, utilizing the new and the old, bringing forth the most unique beautiful pieces for day and night time wear.

I have had so many comments on the earrings I have worn that she made, I lose count. Even when I wear my long hair down, people can see them sparkling and want to see more, "Let me see??", they say, and I tuck my hair in around my ears for a better view.

I love to wear jewels created by my beautiful online friends that I have met. To me, these are my online sistas - you know who you are. :) We have all been supportive of eachother since the start, and we still keep going today. Lucie is one of those special souls...

So, I created another journal for Lucie, and I chose some earrings from her store. This is the journal I made for her. She loved the lace & leather books I have made in the past, so I chose to use these elements in her book.

So, when my parcel arrived, I was delighted as you can imagine. All the way from St-Nazaire in France to Karekare in New Zealand. I am even keeping the (empty) parcel.

These delectables were inside, including the beautiful earrings which have the most amazing detail.. as you can see. 

Pop over to her store to see what she has on offer. Links to her Facebook page & Instagram can also be found here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


one to the next,

                         that's how it is,

                                                  these days.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tapestry Tales

Words in pictures, these days.

Some new creations are in my Etsy store, 

while I am working on some custom orders.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Story Continues

These Storytellers may be filling up with writings, 
scribblings, drawings & things, 
around the world - 

How I would long to see them,
full and exploding with ink & paint -
or bits of collected this & that.

I stained the paper, only to further
enhance it with more staining...
the pages are rich, mottled wonders.

When I found it, 
this delightful decorative paper
filled my inspiration cup,
till it was overflowing,
and I couldn't wait to create with it.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Thoughtlands Returns

I return again, to this term 'Thoughtlands' - 
which has produced several books so far, 
each one different in its own aspect. 

This new one is large, and thick - 
very rugged leather which I adored working with. 
It feels lovely to hold.

Autumn is in full swing - 
pine cones are being harvested for the fire. 
Slippers are on. 
The morning air, crisp once again. 
The sunsets, earlier, richer -

I remember.

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