Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dreaming in Emerald

A little archaeological dig in cupboards of sorts produced a piece of leather that I thought had long ended.

The thrill elongated over days.

I got to recreate a past journal and use the last large piece (if this is large?) of this fervent colour to my Etsy store, which - is a little more colourful than it was a couple of years ago, might you agree?

I noticed this recently, it was not an intentional thing. I just let myself go where I will with my art, as with any artist it is an extension of self, a wander of the mind, an amalgamation of self -

Exploded with what materials are at hand.

Perhaps I am unveiling some rainbows. 

This morning walking in the sunshine infused grey sky, 
I saw a giant rainbow -
a super-rainbow - like a super-moon; 
spreading itself over the ocean vista before me.

Emerald Dreams - back in my Etsy store.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Broken Silence

New in the shop:

reclaimed black leather
vintage fabric patch
tea-stained archive text pages
(beautiful teamed with black ink)
Irish linen thread

Monday, July 21, 2014

Forgotten Worlds

While creating this book, 
I imagined I had stumbled across an old trunk
 in some forgotten room,
- another time & place, perhaps another life..

Inside, I found this book -
it was full of words in black ink -
amidst which lay clippings from a garden,
 sandwiched between the pages.

In my mind's eye,
 I went through & intricately erased everything on the pages, 
yet left all the age, wear & tear in 
it's wonderful mysterious glory
 on the book wherever I could find it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Hipster

This pouch is one of my favourite things... I can't say how long I have had it, but I finally decided to fill it with something, rather than stare at it sporadically for another year. I adore it, with all it's distressed weathered appearance, unknown history and silent stories, it widens my eyes, inspires me and fills me with wonder.

Now home to a little journal, I felt these two were meant to be together.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Artist

I buried my hands into one of a few boxes of leather in my studio. 

Came up with these two, 
and the whole thing sort of just came together; 
before I knew it, I'd made a book. 

Of course I had prepared paper prior to this, 
which took two days for the tearing,
staining, drying & pressing. 

Some days are like this, time will escape me, 
I'll leave at dusk and wonder what happened to the day.** 

But I carry home the evidence.

**There are also miniatures drying amongst other curious things.

The Artist, get it here.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wind, and so on.

So wild it is.

I walked this afternoon, as briskly as I could right into a headwind. 

When I got back, I had no thoughts left.


Wide eyed.

En route, a cyclist passed me with the same wide eyed look I knew was forming on my face; he'd ridden through puddles, obviously, at an accelerated speed, for his entire front was completely mud-splattered, including his face - wide eyes and all. 

I thought this was absolutely fantastic, and smiled most of the way back. I later saw another cyclist with this same mud splatter all over his back. 

I wondered what I looked like from behind. Perhaps a good round of puddle stomping would have been the recipe. I'll throw that in next time. The wind sure isn't going anywhere.

I created my first batch of tea-stained paper today, it's underway and will be dried tomorrow upon my return. I'd pre-stained a whole pile of paper before moving so I could just get on with working once I'd gotten settled in. I didn't have far to move. Literally only a few meters. But moving, is moving.

Some new work is emerging out of this space, and I'm enjoying the process, finally, carving out a little niche in there, 



There is a moon tonight, it's almost full -

I am waiting, 


Spring Scriptures

Next post, I'll tell you another story, about this amazing mix of delightful fabrics - hand stitched by the wonderful Dawnwhich I carry with me everywhere full of essentials. 

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