Friday, March 24, 2017

Journals, revisited..

I have revisited some journal designs using similar materials - because I had some left. I loved seeing the workbench after I had finished, little bits of this & that, strewn about the place - scissors open, glue out - signs that something has been going down.

This is what came of it. 

More imagery than words today, but the best part of the day is nearly over, and the morning air is calling.

The Bohemian - a large version - this book is heavy..!

A delicious dark brown soft leather journal with my hand dyed lace.

Fleur de Lis
The iconic Fleur de Lis - one of my loves!

The Storyteller - this time in a warm rustic recycled brown leather.
Little undressed ones...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Botanica & Storyteller

I'm still on the super thick journal roll. 

With the success of my storyteller books, I have decided to make this a permanent in my store. I started making them in 2013, and not one of them has stuck around for long. I make variations on each one, but they usually feature one of my delicious large antique keys. This time around I tweaked the book by leaving the leather uncut on the back, as I liked the rusticity of it - and adding this wonderful vintage backing plate which has a distinct weather beaten appearance.

In addition, I have been working away on 'Botanica' which I have just released into the store. This book features vintage hand embroidered linen on the spine - a design which I adopted 4 years ago, and have continued to flow into the vision I hold for my book designs. I will never tire of this combination. 

This particular book features antique paper ephemera from botanical charts and specimens dating around the 1830's. It would make an ideal book for the botanist, herbalist, naturopath or plant enthusiast. There is so much joy to be had, in creating these journals - I am losing myself in them. A larger one is in the making at the moment, in between custom work.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Little Things

Recently I was commissioned to make a miniature travel journal.

One of the conditions was that I fit as many pages as possible, into the small size. My customer had limited space in her bags and wanted something easily transportable and light. I managed to get 18 signatures here, amounting to 432 pages counting both sides.

The new owner was thrilled with the outcome. I loved creating this and may create more this size.. it was only 2 x 4 inches. A real cutie.
After this I got on a miniature roll, and took apart a very old miniature Navajo Indian wallet I have had for a long time.

 It was such a beautiful wallet and I was troubled to do this at first but I got over myself, as you do. I was thrilled to discover three parts to play with, each with its own wonder. I chose the lining to create this miniature book, which you can now find in my store.


Summer is coming to a close. Mornings & nights are darker earlier. I have reached for my slippers, and notice the pot belly fire open its sleepy eyes ready for logs.

Nothing seems to stop the cicadas, which sing all through the night, and drown out nearly every other sound. I remember them in Australia, nothing quite like it - they were almost barking. I never saw an Australian cicada, only heard them. My imagination, of course got the better of me.

I pick up my linen thread, and carry on.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Old Relic

I bought an antique chair recently.

It was falling apart, and I saw it not to sit in - but as re-purposed books. I actually imagined it stripped, and that it might look nicer this way. The back was covered in this old, crackly fabric which looks very similar to book cloth. After setting it down in my studio, I immediately took to it with the Stanley knife, and started to strip it down.

Some of it is left intact, and I ended up leaving it in the corner of my atelier, covered in a giant vintage linen tablecloth (which will too, become part of future books) and a foot stool. I did intend to sit there, but I've only done this twice. I prefer to stand most of the day. I like the homely look of this set up, nonetheless.

I did create the first journal from this fabric, which sold recently. 

Last night I completed the new book, which I have come to love. It's not like my others, in the sense that I have worked this paper heavily. I wanted to create some sort of old relic, hence the name - a spell book of sorts, a mysterious lost diary. I've spent alot of time on this book and feel it will navigate its way to the right owner.

The pages prior to going in the press

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Squirreled Away

I often wonder if I can bring myself to use the special treasures I have squirreled away in my studio. While working, I see them, and think... no, I will use that next time. Because the reality is, I become attached to such things. 

Trinkets, treasures & mystical forms are within reach & sight, all the while. They inspire me, as my eye turns for breath after so much concentration, and sparkles in contact with these wonders. I lay them out - muse over them; think of what the finished piece will look like, or become - once it is paired with this or that.

Sometimes I will find the tiny thing first, and the journal will begin from seeing it. But truthfully I don't plan my books, they take shape as I go, and carve their own path. As I have mentioned before, they are like an uncontrollable dog on a leash, and I have to go along with it.

Dipping into boxes and such, I created some new pieces, two of which I share below. 



Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Deep Green Pages

A new trio of book necklaces have just landed in my store.

These are all created with recycled leather, and snippets of linen, lace & fabric.

The pages are my hand dyed deep green experiment, which each tiny sheet was stained individually and laid out to dry. I wish I had photographed this, as it was a beautiful sight - lots of tiny pieces of green laid out like a puzzle on the white protective paper underneath. 

I love these little ones and enjoy making them.

You can find them in my store.

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