Wednesday, February 17, 2010

becoming, became

The sparrows sang, that morning, as I knelt down to pick up each dried tea-stained sheet;

One after the other, layer upon layer... to the press... the olde, heavy forest green press, where they rested for the night. I am getting to like this Eco paper by Fabriano, it brings more pleasure to the bind, and what may end up on the pages.

While the little eco's were sleeping, I prepared their front and back panels. Recently I came upon a beautiful tooled leather bag, apparently carried around the world by an archaeologist during the 1950s/60s. I took it all apart, stitch by stitch, to reveal some of the most beautiful leather I have seen. Double sided pockets, little stitching holes which I left intact, tooled components which I have set aside to feature in future books.

Watch this space.

For this journal, I decided upon the bag's closure. The clasp... the tooled beauty. It adhered to a lone off-cut of complimentary leather without a hitch (or a stitch), and since the press was occupied, I used my makeshift press (the pre-press press): two of my favourite photography books: 'A Photographer's Life' by Annie Lebowitz & 'A New History of Photography' by Michel Frizot.

The sandwhiched covers slipped into my hands, and taking the paper, I packed it all into a bag and took it to two markets over the weekend to bind. With cream Irish linen thread and 8 needles, I created 'Notes for a Journey', that which is now for sale in my Etsy store.

And this afternoon, as i walked in the still, still air... the dim grey sky weighted by humidity, I thought of the little music notes peaking out of that clasp hole. What would they play? I could make something up. A sonnet, snippet of a song, fraction of a tune.

I know when I get back home, I can use my bare toes to swish around a pan of paper and olde maps, soaking in tea.


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