Wednesday, April 28, 2010


How lovely it was, to meet the creative crafter behind 'Extra Curricular' Magazine at Kraftbomb on Saturday. Miss Ellie, a lovely lady (who would expect she wouldn't be?) who has made quite an achievement with her fabulous magazine, helping all of us crafty things get put on the map - in addition to opening our eyes to all the famille that we didn't know we had!

Now, I have to say - this is not just any ordinary magazine. Rather, it's like coming across a special find in a vintage store, a dear old crochet table cloth or similar, without a mark or tear on it. I imagine I would like to sit at a small round table (covered in the said table cloth) to read this magazine; with two chairs, one for me and one for my cat.

I'd have a pot of tea ready to serve, preferably green, and a little matching tea cup and saucer in which to serve it. I dare say my cat would have milk. She would watch me read what she couldn't understand...

The stylish format of this magazine means it does not bend over your hand when you hold it, nor does it appear flimsy in any way. Its compact size makes for a pleasurable read, and the heavyweight pages are particularly classy. Full of beautiful photography and well written interesting articles, it presents a unique portrait of some undiscovered talent we have in this country.

So I was pleased to have Miss Ellie as a customer, as she bought one of my book necklaces with a vintage key. She seemed so thrilled with it, but the chain was not long enough, so I set about lengthening for her and posted it off the next day. And what a treat to find that she blogged about it. So this one's for you Ellie. :)

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