Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For The Love Of Books

I was browsing my lengthy archive of stored photographic data the other night. Now, we are not talking just digital images. I am talking film, the tangible beautiful emulsion, which had run through my camera and then through various substances, before I had made it into a proofsheet, and subsequently scanned to get it into my computer.

Ah, the processes. 


No delete button in sight. What's the point in that? Where is the decisive moment in, "shoot as many as I possibly can and hope to get a good one"...

I ask?

Because we can? And it's free?

I found a photo I took in Melbourne, the back streets of Fitzroy to be precise. I remember the grunge and grit of the place, people & architecture alike, it was raw and alive. I relished in it when I visited, now and then.

I saw this graffiti on the side of a trailer, and loved the idea of it. The said bibliophile couldn't hold it in any longer, and simply had to make a statement. Well fair enough, I said. And I love them too.

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