Friday, June 25, 2010

Etsy Treasury: Aotearoa

A very special treasury for Bibliographica this morning on Etsy, a tribute to Aotearoa! It's nice when we are put on the map, little such a large online atmosphere... Mr. Kereru made it into the mix. It was an autumn day last year when he came to me, in a box - covered with a soft towel and the tip of a red rose...

Having crashed into a window, he slipped away before the eyes of his mate who painfully searched for him.. These birds are so incredible, their feathers and colouring quite exquisite - I wanted to preserve him with my camera while I could. I was most surprised at the weight of him, it was like carrying a small child. Although I was alone with him during the photo session, I felt like the room was full of people. It was a beautiful energy. I played the Kings College of Cambridge Choir while I photographed him, as loud as my stereo would go.

He has been resting now for a year on a beautiful Waiheke hill...thanks to one particularly talented Island baker.

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