Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Undressed Journals

It's not usually my thing to show off something which is incomplete, but these little journals are too cute without coats and my camera got the better of them. I laid them out on my vintage tooled leather tray before I ploughed through my leather stash to find them some clothes.

Seeing them like this seems to be reminiscent of a crinoline cage. It calls to mind images of an antique dress mannequin wearing a beautiful cotton nightdress, or the scene of Mammy dressing Scarlett in Gone With The Wind.


After researching I discovered that the crinoline cage was a godsend for women upon its discovery in 1856, for it meant that only one petticoat was required, as opposed to the previous six. Good gracious! That set aside, these things weighed up to 14 pounds! 

OK, I feel suddenly blessed to have the freedom to wear what I please, even if sometimes it takes me just as long as they did to get dressed in the morning...

My semi-dressed journals with their soft mull undergarments don't have to endure such weight I am sure, however, I am not to know what may become of them...

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