Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Clone in The Making

The Little Striped Doodler was very popular, and is still getting attention despite being sold. After its debut on the Etsy Storque it's had 1661 views and reached 114 hearts - and still climbing! It's rather exhausted from all the fuss, and now it has to travel all the way to the United States!

Within an hour of it selling, I had an order for another from a disappointed doodler fan. So... I discovered I had all the materials to create one! Lucky for the piece of striped leather was the last little bit - it came of an olde vintage bag I picked up at a market. I thought I'd document the progress.

Doodler in the making

Doodler in the making

The Original Little Striped Doodler


  1. No wonder this little guy got so much attention - it is absolutely lovely!

  2. I am the lucky one to get his clone! I can't wait. Louise is as wonderful as her creations are! Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you Becky, it shouldn't be too far away from you now... I wonder where it is up in the sky! xxx


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