Monday, August 30, 2010

Exhibition & Sales

Only 48 hours I had it, and The Wanderer has flown to Illinois. The wonderful Becky who got the 2nd Little Striped Doodler, spied it and will soon call it her own! What a thrill to have a customer return, I think it's one of the best feelings a crafter can experience! So thank you Becky... :)

Also, I have an announcement! From today, and for the next month I have been lucky enough to have my work selected for an online exhibition at the renowned papernstitch. I have posted a button on the left where you can find me. It's fantastic for exposure and very exciting to be showcasing my work amoung many other artisans and crafters worldwide. And I need to fill my shelves!

In order to create a new line of journals, I've been staining, drying & pressing paper, stitching signatures, cutting leather and generally rummaging. I received in the post my brand new bonefolder which is significantly smaller than my other, and kind of frowned back at me when I frowned at it. Go figure. I am sure it is up for the work it's going to get, I have faith! 

I taught myself a new method of binding on Saturday night, by taking apart a book that wasn't selling, and rebinding it as another. It has definitely gone under a metamorphosis of sorts, and I love its new look! It's half the size, twice the width and a different colour! I'll post images tomorrow...

Meanwhile thank you all for your support! It would be so great if we could all rendezvous at some point, off the computer!


  1. Louise - Congratulations!! I've just been to the papernstitch site and your work looks fantastic - I love your prints!!

    Things are going to "fly" for you now I'm sure...

  2. Thanks Denise, that's sweet! I hope things 'fly', they sure are looking up that's for sure. As they are for you! :)

  3. Oh wow Louise that is wonderful news... your work looks amazing!

    So nice to have a customer come back for more, it says a lot.

  4. I'm so happy for you! Congrats and much success with your new venue! Oh how I'd love to meet my online friends! Unfortunately I live so far away... but maybe one day, who knows!

  5. I'll start buying up lotto tickets and we'll have high tea on my front lawn!

  6. I'm going to visit the devonport craft fair on sunday if you're over that way.


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