Monday, August 23, 2010

Satellite Pod Installation

I have journals bubbling with excitement, for as of tomorrow, I will be having an installation at Satellite Gallery. I will be exhibiting my work inside one of the groovy little Satellite Pods, which are a group of six cabinets mounted on a wall inside the gallery, each hosting mini independent exhibitions.

Given the size and nature of my work, it would seem overwhelming to place them in a large exhibition space - and as they are usable, functional things, rather than something to hang on a wall and admire (although one is welcome to do so if they please!) these little pods are ideal. Each one is fitted out with it's own internal lighting, and as curator, I choose the way my work appears.

So for those who are in Auckland, pop on down to Satellite over the next four weeks if you get a chance, and say hello to the little Bibliographicas which will be displayed behind glass. I am sure they'd appreciate a wink while they are housed in such an environment for a time. All will be for sale, and I plan to alter the setting week by week.

Satellite Gallery can be found on the corner of St Benedicts St and Newton Road, in Newton, Auckland. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday: 11 - 5, and Saturday 10 - 3.

Find out more here:


  1. This sounds ideal.. I hope the exhibition is a great success Louise. Will you be taking any pics - I'd love to see your work on display?

  2. An image of the Pod will be available on the Satellite website in the coming days... so watch this space! :) xx

  3. Congratulations Louise, my sister lives in Auckland, I will get her to pop in and have a look. cheers Marie


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