Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Wanderer

After several days and nights working on it, I finally completed The Wanderer this afternoon. I have to say I am just thrilled with this journal. I love the way it feels, outside and in. The materials seemed to uncannily fall together in complimentary ways, and I worked with my 2nd hand leather stamps for the first time! I'm thinking this is my new thing, I love them so much I could hammer all day long. Ideas streamed through my head with every hit. 

The process?

I began with a pad of acid free sketching paper, which I sat down on the floor and got to hand-tearing until every piece was done. I used the leftover cardboard from the back of the pad to light the fire, in addition to all the off cuts. Then I filled up ye olde warming drawer with tea, and one by one, immersed each paper in the cool brown water. This I left for over 24 hours, turning it over in bouts. Once my desired colour was achieved, I transferred each piece to a tray then laid it all flat on sheets of plastic in any available space in the house. I had to do this in shifts of three for there was not enough space for it. So all together it took 2-3 days to complete this step.

Next, I made incisions in the paper after measuring out their spots with my ruler. I took my roll of linen thread and ran a long line of it through beeswax, after which I threaded it through a needle, and began. Once stitched, I covered it in mull and took to it with acid free glue and an olde brush. I lightly pressed it for 24 hours, then added headbands, and a soft piece of suede along the spine to give a strong and soft feel to the cover. I rummaged through my leather pieces and attempted several before the right one was selected - I loved the hole and immediately saw it with the floral fabric underneath. So after cutting it to size, I glued it and put it back in the press.

The finishing touches were most enjoyable and I now wonder where The Wanderer will end up... for now, it waits in my Etsy shoppe...


  1. What a truly beautiful book you have created! I love each of its details, especially the tooled leather tie. I used to stain the paper sheets too, and was really difficult in my little studio. But it's well worth it as the outcome is wonderful. Hope the Wanderer will find its new home soon!

  2. Thanks Teo, I feel like I have graduated with your comment, after seeing your tiny little darlings! We ought to do a trade soon.... :)

  3. My goodness so much work, care and love goes into one of your beautiful creations. Your treasures are truly gorgeous Louise.

  4. What a lovely comment, thank you Bobbie! I do love the olde ways of working, things that take a long time are so rewarding. You also have beautiful creations! It's so great to be able to share those in a network don't you think? :)

  5. oh, nice! i love the worn in look- looks like something to carry around all the time which is really how a journal should be used!


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