Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where Art Thou, Bonefolder?

Where do you hide?

All this time we have spent together, and now you are missing... I can only regret I didn't thank you enough. You helped me bind some beauties through the years, and although you got fairly dirty at times, you never put up a fight. I endeavored to keep you clean and in such great shape. You never seemed to age much, just a nic here and there, what a hardy thing you were.

Will I find you?

I think of you, huddling under a bridge in the cold rain, calling out to me... and I can't see you. I'm blinded to you. And since you are mute, your calls are futile. I have to close my eyes and listen with my heart.

Are you snuggled under mounds of leather? Did you climb into a suitcase, into a vase, onto a shelf?

Maybe you finally took a trip out the window. I expect you would be feeling a mild case of cabin fever by now since I haven't taken you out on a journey for a while.

I'm so sorry, please forgive me, for I am at a loss without you!

Last night you came to me in my dream, I found you along with several leaks in the roof, and I was scrambling around trying to mop up water and catch drips with saucepans. But then I woke up, and you were still gone.

Please find your way home!

I'll leave the lamp on.


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