Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Etsy Front Page & A Thank You

This lovely treasury from RedWindmillDesigns was featured on the Etsy front page last night! I am so pleased that this is the 9th time I have made the front page! It drove a serious amount of traffic into my Etsy shoppe and this journal leaped up to 507 views and attained 31 hearts! So thank you to RedWindmillDesigns for creating such an alluring treasury. And congratulations to all the other artists featured!

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who participated in my giveaway, and congratulations to Mel on her new little leather doodler! Don't despair as I will be having more in the future as I just loved doing it so much! I think it was more fun than making a sale, it was a different sort of excitement. The sun is shining and a day of creating is in store, finished off by an evening out to see the fantastic 'Complexions Contemporary Ballet'. This is the third time I will have seen them and I can never get enough, it's truly mesmerising and I recommend it to all!


  1. congrats, can't wait for more giveaways :) random question how long does it take to drive around waiheke? for eg. how long from the passenger ferry terminal to rocky bay? I'm still on my research misson haha.

  2. It takes about 20 minutes I would say to drive that far. If you get the bus much longer, probably half an hour. Are you coming over? Be sure to let me know. :)


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