Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Giveaway Extends...

I am aware you may be waiting with baited breath to find out who the winner of my giveaway is going to be... but I am extending it!! Unfortunately I was sucked up by a flu tornado, and it still hasn't quite spat me out.

It is teasing me by dangling my feet in the sea, then pulling me up so I can't get in. Then it drags my toes over soft grass but won't let me walk in it. I'm getting stronger though, and sooner than later I am going to give it the heave-ho once and for all!!

So... the draw will now take place on Tuesday the 28th of September. I will draw it at some random time throughout the day, by placing names in a hat or box and tossing them around a bit and asking a friend to pull one out.

So for all of you who have not entered yet, you still have time and can do so here! All you have to do is comment on the blog post, and make sure you click 'Follow' on my blog, so I can see you are following! (Love to know who my followers are...)

Thanks for your patience all and good luck! :)


  1. I do hope you're wrapped up warm, well cared for, and feeling much, much better...

  2. Thanks, that's sweet Denise! xx Back home with the cat now and getting there! The sunshine helps.. :)

  3. Louise, The two necklaces indeed are making their way together !! Feel Better and never stop your artistry !!


  4. Thank you Lynda! The day I stop my artistry is the the last of me... :)


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