Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's the little things...

Intricate working produced the 2nd pair of my leather journal earrings. 

A little smaller than the last pair, these are covered with some beautiful rich mahogany leather I sourced, to which I added some tooled detailing, then buffed it with museum polish. I decided to leave the little frayed edges of the leather as it's always my favourite part - I often just run my fingertips along this natural form and seek leather pieces with which I can make use of this marvel. It's so rustic and evocative of the olde medieval journals.

These babies are only 1.2 cm high x 1.5 cm wide, so slightly landscape format. Again, they are filled with tea-stained hand-torn paper, and stitched with archival linen thread. I've added some lovely dark brown head bands so they match up. For the hooks and chain, I opted for silver this time, and think it works well with the brown. They are currently exhibited in my Pod at Satellite Gallery, and will be there for another four weeks, unless they sell. I made my first gallery sale last week, so that was a treat to go and replace it.

I think the silver works for me although it might be good to have a mix. There are two pairs of naked journals about this size on my workbench right now, so I better see to getting them dressed.


  1. Oh, they turned out so pretty! The silver matches beautifully the brown leather. Just imagine how many secrets these journals will hear :)

  2. Thank you Teo! Many whispers indeed... I appreciate your input. :)

  3. Such intricate and detailed work Louise.. You are very clever!!

  4. Thanks Denise. I get told I am a clever thing quite alot! ;) As are you!! :)


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