Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lately I've been making observations.

The seasons are changing, and my perception is pin-pricked, antennas are up. I wander past pollen clad blossoms, hear bees in the air, the sound of the waves. I walk on a bed of petals, through a labyrinth of nature's perfume. Sparrows tweet, gossip and chatter... I want to know what they say, I think can I feel it? 

Like a gannet I plunge into the morning, my running shoes on my feet, the welcome fresh wind beats about my face. I'm newborn, untouched, untouchable. I hear my feet on the pavement and with each leaping stride, faint breath through the music in my ears. Up the hill and around the corner I go, past the valley with the sea below, the rolling tide like blue satin stretching out yonder. I am moving, soon the view will be replaced by another, my theater stage is changing. I photograph it in my mind's eye, and continue up the next hill.

One of only a few cars I see approaches, I arc it to cross the road and as the driver watches me pass, I feel like an Olympian. I get a downhill thrill and off I go, sprinting as fast as I can, almost emptying my tank. In a bubble I am the chariot of fire, the winner of my own race, the success of a day yet begun. My body hurts and pines for more, I feed it, feed it the vigour as sweat gathers on my cheeks and down my back.

I run down the old narrow road, through the trees towering above my head, past the willow tree and trickling creek. I move my arms faster to aid the hill climb, I am reaching.. reaching... 

Reaching the top of my last hill I take a spot run, then gaining momentum, take off  down the hill with the last energy I can muster. I take it all and fuel my strides will all the passion I can bare. I can see my mailbox, I am home, I made it. I slow to a trot. Watching the sea again, my theater stage is back, but slows down before me.

These are my observations, before my day has begun.


  1. The little book looks to guard its secrets well...

  2. yes, the seasons are changed... but always
    i love your books!

  3. Louise, One of my favorite artist's , Hope you are well and thought I would let you know that the pieces I bought from you indeed are traveling together and making many memories !!
    Thoughts with all in New Zealand !


  4. Thank you all for your comments! I am so glad Lynda that the journals are serving their purpose, wonderful! :)


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