Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Satisfied Customer Makes it all Worthwhile...

The very talented and reputable United States photographer Ryan Phillips received his customer order today, and has written a wonderful blog post about it! It has made my day unexpectedly fantastic.

It was such a joy to create this journal, to source the materials and make it work. It took one whole week to stain the paper, for only 3 sheets would fit into my 'warming drawer' at one time. It ended up with 120 pages, and once stained, each had to be laid out flat until dry. It was days of wet and dry paper, then pressing - until I went to get another and found none left. I felt sad as had been enjoying it! But that didn't last as I knew I could get to work.

I stayed up late with my Ipod in my ears, listening to some daggy 80s music and meticulously cutting up the leather to create the covers. I worked on the floor in my pyjamas! Gosh it was fun. I pressed the covers overnight and retrieved them the following evening to begin. I loved placing them either side of the unfinished journal to see how it was going to look, and remember telling it, 'you are going to be gorgeous!'.

Meanwhile I had been trying to source some antique or vintage maps of America to include in the journal so it had a travel theme, and followed the adventures of Ryan and his wife Carrie. I had a bit of trouble with this until I remembered my own extensive book collection, and started to rummage. I found an olde Atlas I had that I think still had a map of Tibet in it when Tibet was still a country in its own right. There were two maps of America, one of the whole country and the other of North America, so out they came and would you believe a perfect size? They had been waiting all that time for that special place they now call their home.

I stitched the journal with heavyweight archival linen thread, and attached a long antique skeleton key to the cover. I made a tie for the journal to secure it, and hammered some leather stamps into it, along with museum polish for a beautiful end result.

I am thrilled that Ryan is so pleased with this creation and he was generous enough to purchase another journal from my store also. The main large album will be passed down to his son Ryder, eventually, full of stories and photographs of Ryan & his wife Carrie's adventures.

For some amazing photographs and comments, read more about it here on Ryan's blog. Or copy and paste this link into your browser:


  1. I really enjoyed reading today's post Louise. How wonderful to know that the result of this long and most interesting process will be well loved.

  2. OMG that book is absolutely gorgeous, you did an amazing job! I loved seeing the photos they took and how cute was their baby opening the package! I'm sure they will treasure it forever!

  3. so awesome <3 Just loved his website, and post for you too! You are one talented artist, and I can't wait to own one of your works myself! Much love, sleep well.

  4. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!


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