Monday, October 18, 2010

The Flying Crying Winds

What was I thinking? 

When I flew last in a teeny 'tin can' plane I can assure you I felt nothing but thrills. Was it the lawlessness of my early 20s, that taste of the unknown, the untouchable 'it will never happen to me' or 'who cares' attitude that seemed to accompany many things... 

Not this time. It's a fact, I have discovered, I'm not much one for flying.

I climbed into a paper cup, a quadruple vente one from Starbucks, but rather than full of coffee, it housed luggage and people. Someone slapped on a couple of makeshift wings and we all clambered in like bugs. I felt like Gulliver, in this tiny almost ridiculous plane... what was I thinking?

Only 28 minutes, sure I'll be fine. And we made it, of course - I always seem to 'make it'. Is someone watching over me? A fairy dusting me in safety sprinkles, somewhere from far beyond my comprehension?

Nothing can quite adequately describe the Barrier. It's raw, ready, limitless, open, willing, revealing. It's a slap in the face as much as a stroke of the skin. It throws you, comforts you, finds its way inside you, tickles you, kicks you, tumbles you down a dune. The air is crisp and clean, it filtrates... ferrying love and light through your veins. The scent of seaweed fills the air, wild winds suck at my clothes, I'm cold; but don't mind, cold, but willing to be out; cold...but so warm inside.

Inside I am a heater, a fireplace of sorts, a lover inlove. The elements strike me blind, and I'm ready. How did I know? Walking on the vacant beach I feel alive. Weathered, a little worn but proud of it, trying not to think of past or future days. Why preoccupy myself when really, there is only one time. And that is right now.

I succumbed to a computer found nestled in the corner of a cafe, but only for 15 minutes (wouldn't you?) I had to check Etsy, didn't I? And well I found I hit the Front Page three times 2 days in a row on the 10th and 11th! So thanks for the birthday wishes Etsy, it hit me right between the eyes.

A time planned is never enough; always comes out too long or short. One can't predict what is coming, only refer to what has been. I thought of all this on the flight back, which I was partial to, in that wind. 

That wind!

I closed my eyes and visualised golden light. It got me there, and where did I go?

Straight to the bar for a brandy of course. My first in 6 years. And thank you Grannie for your advice, you are right, it does work. "Just a little bit of brandy makes everything so much easier."

The shock of the strong taste, makes the body forget that it is in shock. It works with shock, not against. Two shocks make calm. 

Journals are popping out the door and many more are being created, new ideas and whispers from the press. I wander back to the Barrier in my mind, and I think I just might stay there...



  1. Very special post with wonderful photographs. Have you considered
    being a writer? Or perhaps just publish your personal journals, as I am sure they are as fascinating as you are!

  2. beautiful photographs :) I keep looking at your journals on etsy looks great I can't wait until I'm ready to own one of your creations for myself funny how shopping for gifts for others just makes me want to buy things for me. Damn consumerism.

  3. What a wonderful post! I could feel the emotions of being in that plane with you. I saw one of your journals on the FP and was very happy for you. Can't wait to see what else comes out of your talented hands!

  4. Thank you Denise, Becky, Ngaio & Teo for your comments!

    Becky I have always written and photographed, and have been published before but not with my personal journals... I think after I get some more life experience I might consider it! I wonder who would buy it? Think I'll just blog for now (along with my daily journaling in black ink). ;)


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