Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lovely, Dark & Deep

Sometimes I do a search for my shop name in the Etsy Treasury, and discover several that I have not been aware of. So now it's kind of a process, every few days I'll see if someone has added me and not told me so. I found one this morning, after a few days in Raglan, here I am drifting within drifters... 

This is a treasury I would like to have on my wall, just as is. Maybe find a little house frame for it, each with a perfectly cut square window, so to make lots of windows, for each is an art in its own right.


Coastlines and cliffs, wind and vulnerability are in the forefront of my mind. I must wait to share it. It's not ready to leap out of me yet. I am a rumbling volcano and must wait to vent.

Do volcanoes wait? Or do they spontaneously vent? I'll dangle my legs over the side and see...


  1. How lovely to find 'suprise' features (although perhaps a little frustrating that you have to search for them rather than be notified?).

    And I love Raglan - I haven't been there for years. Rather wild and beautiful and wonderfully arty :)

  2. A lovely "shivery" treasury Louise!

  3. Too bad she didn't notify her beautiful finds... would have far more comments and views. Definitely a Front Page treasury!

    Is that your ocean? Gorgeous.. I love craggy ocean cliffs. This is the first time in YEARS I haven't lived right by the ocean. I am now 3 hours away... I love the smell of the sea, the wind especially.

    I love your site.. it is refreshing on a hectic day!

  4. Thank you all for your comments... Apparently Etsy notes multiple conversations (ie treasury alerts) as spam... which might be why there are some scared Etsians out there. However I have not been arrested yet. ;D No this is not my ocean, but down the line a way in Raglan... although it's everyone's ocean, even yours! xx Thanks for your sweet words. :)


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