Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Medieval & Boho Journals

The last 24 hours I have created three new journals. Between these, there are others hiding under tea stained papers, tools, tape, vintage metal bits and bobs, antique paper ephemera, thread, scraps of this and that. 

You know what I mean, right?

Imagine you walked into a craft store, and found a bric-a-brac store inside it, then an antique cabinet, and a ladder up to some place else. Now imagine it all collapsed into one space. Congratulations, you have found my studio.

What fun it is, to sit amongst it all, my little heartbeat within all these leather ones, pounding away. We chatter and stitch, hammer and tool, we are the family of creations, unfinished journeys, a wander in a mind yet found for the pages.

Now available in my Etsy store...


  1. They are amazing! I went to take a better took at The Buttonhole Doodler but guess what, he was already gone! Yeeey!!

  2. Thank you Teo. :) I just went out on a walk this afternoon, came back and found it had sold. So how about that! Such a tiny one too, I have a larger part of that jacket full of button holes... mmm. Made an interesting one tonight, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it... now to your message! :D


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