Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Then & Now

I recently acquired this olde patchwork leather skirt, definitely handmade, lovely and soft thing it was. I even tried it on (couldn't help myself) and paraded around the kitchen for a time until I decided I'd had enough. I took on the persona of someone entirely different, in this high waisted interesting dress-up game.

I took it off, then apart, the zip first - tearing it with my hands. Gently, ever so gently...

I had prepared papers the week before and had not decided upon the covers, however after finding this skirt, the decision was made.

After the cover boards were dry and I could stitch the journal, I opted to add an antique pendulum that I got from a flea market. It has a Celtic design and looks very old, not sure exactly of the date but I am certain of approximately 100 years.

The Pendulum Pages, now available in my Etsy store.


  1. The Pendulum Pages is stunning....

  2. Thank you Lisa, I value your comments! :)


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