Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trio of Treasure

After completing & creating 'A Traveler's Tale' yesterday, I have been amazed, as it's getting alot of attention. I'm giving it a pat on the back after being featured in not one, not two, but three treasuries in less than 15 hours!


  1. That is fantastic! I'm not at all surprised that your latest creation was featured in three treasuries, your work is amazing.

  2. The beauty and appeal which exist in the tiniest of objects... Congratulations!

  3. Well now, that does not surprise me in the least, you clever girl, you cheers Marie

  4. Well talented lady.. Your creations are Magnificent - I am not surprised!!! Wonderful treasuries.. had to go check them out closer!

    *** love the name A Travelers Tale.. stimulates the imagination!


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