Saturday, December 18, 2010

4 Birds, 3 Heartbeats...

It was just after noon.

I was walking along the roadside, a screwed up tissue in my hand, inside of which lay a plum pip.

The grass was under my feet, while the footpath was on the other side of the road. 

Looking ahead I heard a loud squawk, and noticed that a large mottled grey gull was pecking lecherously at something on the road...prodding, nudging in an unfriendly way. It looked fairly large - the nudged victim; and I gathered momentum to magnify my view.

It took me by surprise to see a small Myna, being tossed about by this gull. Lunch? Or sheer torture? Do birds really eat birds? It was news to me, I had not been aware of such a thing. 

Then, to my horror an event unfolded which tore at my heart faster than anything has in a while. Grabbed it, ripped it up into teeny shreds and tossed it at my feet. I gasped. 

Out from behind a tree came two other Mynas, and with a bold stride, they angrily approached the gull to rescue their mate, in full confrontational throttle. He's our brother! Leave him alone!! Get away! AWAY!!!

Did the gull actually do anything? Was the Myna struck by a car and the gull mopping up the mess?

Either way, this disturbing commotion simply had to end. 

A car was approaching, and forseeing the possible events unfold, I took my chance to halt fate. As I got closer, the gull flew away and the rescuers turned their attention to me, momentarily loathing me. I blocked them out, and opening my screwed up tissue, let out the pip and used it to pick up a limp Myna's foot, and take him to the tree where his brothers circled in a fused piercing cry.

I felt invasive.

I put down my head, and rested Mr. Myna on the ground. For a moment I thought I'd be swooped on.

But they let me go.

And as I walked on,

I felt sad, empty.

Such is life...I thought,

Such is life.


  1. I love reading your blog posts Louise. Your writing is beautiful. What a horrible thing to see.......nature can be cruel at times.

  2. beautifully written... such a sad thing... we had a little bird incident this week too and it bought lots of tears and a lesson learned.


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