Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Whisper From the Studio


  1. Hi there! Lovely to meet you today at the Titirangi Market! Hope you enjoy my post about your creations on my blog;

    I'm a bit of a random creative dabbler and love meeting new people who are creating magical things! Would love to talk to you further about commissioning a toddler sized book necklace; my little friend Arwen would be so blissed out over it!!
    Look forward to talking to you again :-) Melissa

  2. pretty :) I have a leather jacket that is awful might donate is to the book binding cause :)

  3. Thank you Melissa, Marie and Ngaio for your comments! I would love the leather Ngaio, bring it to Waiheke for the first trade off. ;D

    And Melissa, wonderful blog post, thank you, it was a joy to see one of my creations saunter up to me at a market with such wonderful feedback! Your necklace proposal sounds challenging as I would be partial to making anything that could be potentially eaten... but do email me about it! :D


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