Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 1st Two Treasuries for 2011

Two in one day... a nice start to the year, on 11-1-11. 

How about that? 

Coincidence, it may be, that 11 happens to be one of my favourite numbers. The others are 3 & 4. Why they are my favourites I have no idea, but I seem to see them everywhere at random intervals. 

And so among these treasures, my journals nestle. One is the largest in my Etsy store, the other a miniature. 

Two Bibliographicas, far flung from the ends of my olde wooden rabone folding ruler, which lives in my studio.


  1. Lovely rustic colours in these treasuries Louise and a very nice beginning to the year x

  2. Lovely, my sister did not get to see you at the market in Waiheke,maybe next time. Happy New Year Louise, cheers Marie

  3. Thank you Denise and Marie!

    Marie, a shame I did not get to meet your sister. I am inside the hall, and it has been packed out of late! Maybe she missed me in my little corner... Happy new year to you too! :)


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