Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Completed Commission

After listing one of my patchwork journal designs The Patchwork Chronicles I was approached by an Etsy buyer after another - double the size. It was such a joy to source the materials and create this journal which turned out to be an accomplished feat. I winked at it when I put it in a bag, for the last time.

Then bid it bon voyage for its journey to New York.

It had 400 fine art Bockingford pages, all hand torn and stitched with rusty burgundy Irish linen thread. The thread was complimentary to the cover, which included hues of reds, browns, burgundy & ochre. 

 The Original Patchwork Chronicles

Materials for the new Patchwork Journal

 Half way in binding... I used 6 needles in this Coptic Stitch.

 The front of the completed piece.

 And more in detail, including the back, at the bottom right.


  1. Absolutely beautiful and a treasure to keep always.

  2. That looks like it would feel GREAT to hold! A stunning piece of work.

  3. Outstanding.. you do such beautiful work!!

  4. Wow - must've taken hours of work. The fabric is an unusual, quirky finish to a beautiful piece - love it.


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