Monday, January 24, 2011

Tooling with Tools

I've had my new (2nd hand) leather tools out over the last few days, and created two wee journals with them. As it turned out, they seemed to match, but I thought I'd sell them separately. In a way they needed to go it alone, I felt. 

A larger one is in the making, which will be ready to complete tomorrow. One of them landed in a new treasury already! Little tooled minis...

In between planning, creating, conversing and listening, I took a walk in the wild wind & rain. Up and down hills, out on the coastline I got licked, pushed and scattered about in the strong summer 'breeze' which left my being void of any cobwebs that were present prior to leaving the house. My long straight hair became a wild knotted yeti, my dry clothes wet, the soles of my Sandali sandals strewn with wet sticky leaves. 

However, when I got home, I looked up to find that I was walking under a clear blue sky. The windows & mirrors in my house misted up, the roof leaked, the bathroom floor began to sweat. Little pools of water appeared in unusual places, and I became increasingly skeptical about the stability of this olde retired bach. A long wooden beam holds up the roof in one part. My books, cameras, cat & I - well, we're tinkering along pretty well within it all. 

I guess we'll just keep on doing so.



  1. An evocative little tale... I do like the Mini Tooled Doodler and the treasury is gorgeous...x

  2. I'm enamoured by your little tooled thoughts necklace - very, very sweet :)


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