Friday, February 25, 2011

The Little Things in Life...

Last night I received a message from a customer who bought a journal from me last year for Christmas. It warmed my being so much that I wanted to share it. Being so far away is hard. I can't even begin to imagine what these poor people are going through. Nature's dishes are out of our hands alot of the time, and we have to deal with whatever it serves. I feel that thoughts become things, so lets all start thinking good thoughts and try to feel good matter how hard that might seem. 

Right now, in the midst of tragedy, there is a great sense of oneness about - so lets all channel our energies into that and offer all the support we can. 

" There are no strangers, just friends we have not met..."

I snuggled into bed last night, and all I could hear was the wind, sea, crickets & my purring cat. I felt a lump in my throat for the comfort it brought me, for I realised this simple thing was something that so many are unable to have. And here I was with it. I longed to give it to someone else and sleep on the grass outside. 

If I could have, I surely would have.


Hi Louise,

I just wanted to send a thank you. I purchased a little book from you at Christmas for my partner to give his Sister, he ended up giving this to me with a poem he had written inside.

It's the only possession I have, as we can no longer get any of our possessions from our house in Christchurch.

I am taking this little book with me everywhere I go. We have been mapping positions of rescue workers all day in the CBD, I've had the precious book you made right next to me.

Thank you.



  1. How lovely to have sometime so small mean so much and be so big in someones life. Marie

  2. Beautiful and very moving Louise...

  3. Louise...that's a wonderful message you've gotten about the life your book is leading and what is means to it's owner. Also a reminder that you just never know what can happen in your life and what object or objects will you be able to carry with you. So glad your book is so special...not surprised though! Keep making your beautiful work!

  4. Yes, we should be thankful every single day for what we have. Sending warm thoughts and prayers to those going through such difficult times.

  5. I too believe thoughts become things so I too am thinking still land thoughts. How lovely that your little book has survived and is bringing some sense of joy and stability. Love Rosie


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