Friday, February 18, 2011

The Parting

I have a problem.

It seems I have a tendency to fall inlove too soon.

Creating for me, is a joy. It is a meditation, medication, anchor & creator of a quiescent mind.

However somewhere along the way, I find myself falling inlove, and then - it's too late.

The attachment is short lived, however, when the loved is sold and I have to send it away.

Parting is therefore mandatory.

Spread the love, and all that, you know.

As I wrap it up, I take a picture with my minds eye, before covering it up for the last time. When it is unveiled, it will be to new eyes.

Not mine.

If it does not sell straight away, I watch it on the shelf. Although it gets a sure fire amount of attention, I can hear it weep.

Does anybody want me?

The fear of inadequacy infests even the most beautiful binding, for it has so much to stand up for in a land like Etsy.

Like people, each is unique. So each waits for the right pen in hand, as people wait for the right people.

Might I remedy the situation and make too many books so I can't fall inlove so soon?


  1. So true! As I see it, it's so hard to let go because these books are our babies. And the day when they leave home will come, sooner or later... I love the pic from your studio! xo

  2. I think you need to make lots of books, like you said, someone is waiting for just the right one, and when they see it, wham. cheers Marie

  3. Lovely photograph - it has the look of a beautifully rendered pastel drawing.

  4. Aw...that made me smile. Poignant, and--unfortunately I'm not too eloquent at the moment. Happy-sad-happy. You have such a way with words.


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