Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alone in a Slipper...

She dropped me.

I couldn't believe it, although I know she didn't mean to.

She had not even put my jacket on, and down I fell....

Off the table, past the thread, museum polish & tape. Without a parachute, I wondered how I might survive such a plunge. The air had changed from a thick, humid soup to a thin transparent bite, and I'll kid you not when I say that I felt it. Whether it was the air or fear I'll never be sure, but I felt that cold nibble at my scanty mull undergarments.

I must have knocked my head quite hard, for after a time I awoke in darkness.


Alone, maybe, but certainly not cold. In fact, I was snug as a bug. I decided to curl up and enjoy it a little, since a) it might be a while before I'm found and, b) when she does find me I'll still be in a queue for a jacket, since she is working several jobs by herself.

She's the nomadic searcher, collector, designer, paper chaser, binder, seamstress and all round fitter & turner. There's queues for this, that and the other and well, we all know we have to wait. It's so exciting to watch the new clothes coming out of all sorts of places; wallets, bags, shoes, skirts & sacks of scraps. Our eyes widen, blink, and widen again. We hustle, bustle & gather about to see what we might wear.

Because really, we never know where we might end up. We've got to look the part.

All these thoughts streamed through my mind as I sat limbless in my soft dark cave. Little did I know how gratitude would fall on me this way, and how I'd come to appreciate the little things in life... like the snap of cold weather...that,

Had her come home several hours later, tired with cold feet. I heard her clamber up the stairs, past the sleeping paper in the tea ocean, to put down her bags and stroke her whaling cat. Trees brushed the roof like witches brooms and I waited.

The light turned on. I looked around me and found a furry substance...then a tumble..another tumble...

She's found me!

She didn't realise what I was when she jolted my cave and I didn't come out. I was so snug in there... but my mull undergarments had caught on the furry fabric, and I was stuck. In came her hand, and she gently pulled me out. A big smile on her face (glad it was not a giant weta...) and mine (although she could not see...)

"There you are!!"

I'm sure she'll put me to the front of the queue now, and make me look beautiful.

Especially now, that she has her feet dressed in warm cosy slippers, and I'm back where I was before, waiting for a coat.


  1. What a wonderful piece! I have always liked anthropomorphic prose, and that is a delightful episode. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Great story, I can't wait to see what gorgeous cloths he receives!! Or is it a she... :)

  3. A lovely read... looking forward to the next instalment.


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