Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Journal

In between filling orders I have been slowly creating this journal, 'Contemplation
- now available in my Etsy store.
I loved creating this journal from start to finish. It is a simple design, clean lines, beautiful features.
For some reason I see it in a man's hands...

We will see what the future holds for it...


  1. Man, your journals RULE! i just got onto your etsy page, and saw the burnt amber you still have it? can i purchase it? i'll ask you about it at the shop i'm travel journals are both ragged and torn, i need to ship them home and start a new one, your one looks like the perfect companian to fit in my backpack.. :)

  2. Oh you are sweet! Yes I still have it, otherwise it would have disappeared from the shop. You can join Etsy and purchase it that way, it's free to join up and only takes about a minute, then it's easy peesy. If you want it let me know once you are signed up and I'll wave the shipping fee so I can hand deliver! :D I could bring it in if you want to check it out first. Email me and let me know? :)

  3. I love this photograph Louise - beautifully textural and mysterious!!

  4. I wonder where it will go - manly you think? Keep us updated when it finds it's home :)


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