Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Olde Traveler

In a recent post I delivered an image of paper drying on the floor, which I had been staining, numerous times. After tearing it by hand, I soaked it in my secret solution, then used a spray bottle to distribute watered down archival inks in a very sporadic unorganized fashion. After it dried and had been pressed, I tore it again in half, and last night stitched the final piece.

So when I moved on from showing my hibiscus flower around the room, I decided to finish The Olde Traveler. It took me 25 minutes to come upon a piece of ephemera that I wanted to peak through the little window. And although I feel I made the right decision, I am now overwhelmed by all the other bits of ephemera lurking about that I discovered along the way and the many ideas now swirling in my head.

I'll have to take those ideas out for the last of this autumn afternoon, and let the chilly breeze weave through them.


  1. Beautiful Louise. I look forward to seeing the creations that eventuate from your pondering :)

  2. this one is soo honestly have the creativity i wish i had. Seriously, such beauty in your details as love love! :)

  3. this is beautiful. such creativity and thoughts in one head, is amazing!


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