Friday, April 1, 2011

The Studio

I have completed a new journal, which I am quietly besotted with. I can't blame myself, since I happened to have fallen for it throughout bringing it to fruition. For it is a fruit off the Bibliographica tree, and shall be picked, by someone, somewhere... and another will grow in its place. No two are ever the same...

I acquired these beautiful art magazines 'The Studio' a couple of years ago. I've long wanted to incorporate the covers into my bindings but have only just been able to bring myself to tear the page in half to do so. I was terrified, these are collectible now. I love the heavyweight, sturdy paper and rich ink designs. The Studio Illustrated Magazine of Fine & Applied Art was a monthly magazine, published in London from 1883. Copies can be found on the likes of Ebay or Amazon, or at the odd market if you are a good hunter gatherer 
(like me).

Now available in my Esty store.


  1. This is so beautiful Louise! How truly precious to use something so treasured...just magic!


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