Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bibliographica Featurette

Double happy is I this early windy autumnal Waiheke morning...

My journal 'The Days of Wonder' was featured on the Etsy front page only an hour ago, thanks to the stunning treasury 'This is good morning country' compiled by NYhop.

I so enjoy making my books of ephemera... ever since I started doing it I have a constant pull for little snippets of treasure which I can add to them. I also have a habit of keeping each tiny scrap of everything I use - and tucking it away in one of (now several) of my ephemera boxes.... which are usually empty boxes of Hahnemuehle photographic paper I find to be very handy....

In other news, my work has been mentioned on We'ar Yoga Clothing's blog this morning. I'm proud to announce my little book necklaces have taken flight and are now available at the wonderful We'ar store... where I'd like to dive in and splurge relentlessly on their beautiful designer clothes, shoes & accessories. 

Now to begin my favourite day of the week.... studio Sunday. After an invigorating run, shower & green smoothie I'll join the quiet sounds of nature to create while I watch the ocean out my window...

What's on your morning agenda?


  1. Congrates Louise. I have just dropped my husband off for an early morning bike ride, and I am prowling Etsy, spotted this and thought of you. I plan to rake leaves this afternoon and start tidying the garden. cheers Marie

  2. Thanks Marie! Yes, I love crearting's wooden books and rustic earthy style, it's so lovely! Her enormous wedding books are particularly delicious. :) A perfect day for a bike ride! (must get off computer...)


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