Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Special Post

This post is dedicated to my loving, life giving mother, Pamela Helen.

 She's such a special being. 

 A dreamer, thinker & lover of nature...always thinks of others first...

So funny, optimistic...

 Throughout her life, she experienced nurturing places, which she then passed on to me...

She's stylish, beautiful and still turns heads (yes, I see them!)

Thank you Mum, for all you are, all you do and all you continue to be..

I love you so dearly, and you never cease to provide inspiration, support & love.

Happy Mother's Day! :)


  1. Beautiful post and gorgeous photos! I especially Love the last one, what an amazing landscape!

  2. Thank you Anahera Moon! The last shot was taken somewhere in the States I the late 60s. Mum's got the olde Super 8 camera in hand. :)

  3. such a beautiful post and tribute. i'm sure she is one proud mom.

  4. Lovely, evocative pics Louise. I can see your resemblance in your mother's profile...

  5. Oh lovely - she must be one very proud mum :)

  6. You two look very much alike. And you're both beautiful! Nice post Louise xoxo


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