Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Through the Floral Window

I bought paper, carried it up a hill, past a beach and children playing on swings.

I tore the edges off this paper, and soaked it in tea for 24 hours.

I lay each piece out flat until it dried, then pressed it in my olde green press.

While it slept I found a piece of rustic leather which I buffed up with museum polish to deepen its colour. On one part I made an incision and prepared a piece of floral fabric to fill the hole. I applied an adhesive and placed the leather under two enormous photography books (my second press) overnight.

The following day, I selected my dark rust thread and stitched the book block - that being 16 signatures of tea stained paper - into the leather, to create this journal.

I added the finishing touches of eight rivets (which I most enjoyed hammering), handmade marbled paper, & long leather wrap tie.

After being photographed, measured, written about, published and fussed over in general,

It sits on the shelf,

and waits.


  1. I think this one is a favorite.. I love the peeking fabric. Such love you put into each piece of art ♥

  2. How lovely to follow the creative process to it's completion :) Thanks Louise.

  3. I do like the title of this sweet little book. :)

  4. Adorable! Another very special book, Louise.

  5. Poetic works, compliments!


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