Monday, June 6, 2011

A dew-dropped morning

Without camera,

I walked this morning.

A Bibliographica in the mist.

When my urge to photograph got the better of me,
I resorted to my cellphone,
And dreamed it nothing but the shutter releasing from my Rolleiflex,
As i captured this seemingly permanent scene, up the road from my house.

In between, sights filled my eyes...

The silhouette of a horse, one leg slightly risen...
white breath formed about his 


Thick, dewy spider webs, no legs to be seen -
no crafter or creator, but a woven masterpiece...
quietly spoken on a chosen frame in nature.

The sound of water, running - somewhere, possibly beneath the ground...

My feet on the asphalt, or wet grass, as I padded along.. never wanting it to end.

The stillness, 
oneness of all things.


  1. I heard once .. a picture may be worth a thousand words ... but a few words can paint a most splendid picture. You, talented lady... have both..

    Now are you saying took that photo with your phone... because wow...

  2. That's a very special comment thank you Lisa. :) I took the photo with my phone, sent it to myself and processed it in Lightroom with my various magical tools. :)

  3. A wonderful image Louise - words and pic both very atmospheric and engaging!!

  4. What Hedera said!

    It is a truly special thing to have the ability to see the potential of such a shot and then be able to capture it. Beautiful.

  5. What a particularly serene and peaceful scene. Reading it I felt like my entire being fully relaxed and smiled. Thank you!


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