Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Liberty Journal

The above journal I created yesterday, 
with some tea-stained paper I retrieved from a box.
I sat by the fire with my 94 year old Grannie, and stitched it.
So, it has a beautiful energy about it.

I have not begun to tea-stain paper yet,
and am working on a perfect location to do so.

Last night, before I left the studio,
I covered a tea-stained book block with soft black wrinkly leather,
and placed it in the press.

I shall venture back to the creating room -
The Bibliographica Hive
to take it out, and inspect.

It's the largest journal I have made in a while,
tea-staining of the paper took me one whole week.

So as you can imagine,
this Bibliographica elf, is rather excited,
but apprehensive...

stay tuned, friends.

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  1. Wow Louise, I had no idea the tea staining process took so long. You are truly patient!


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