Sunday, July 31, 2011


I ended it -
The Island Life,

And now,
Surroundings are new.

Old, and new.

This is a time of returning, 
closing doors,
opening others.

It's covered ground on which I walk,
yet I walk next to my own footsteps,
but this time,
a different route.

I see them -
I pass them, 
smile to myself (and them)
...say hello.

the house, once cold all day, is now always warm.
a heartbeat,

she breathes and laughs and walks around,
i hear her,
and choose that instead of the radio
as I bind little (and big) books from the middle room,
down the hall.

The room where my mother once
sewed my clothes on the olde bernina
the room where fabrics, patterns, needles & thread were kept,
now pretty much the same,
just a bigger girl,
a different game.

An old book press 
rather than a sewing machine
linen thread 
rather than cotton

this is my
seven year turn.

this is our 
circle of life.


  1. Yes indeed, new and old memories, cheers Marie

  2. moved away from waiheke? where to where to

  3. Such a meaningful circle! Beautiful. xxxx

  4. Interesting the return journeys we make. Best wishes for life in your new old home :)

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I've separated the studio and home life - so things are moving at a smoother pace for me now. I'm not allowing myself 'glue, brushes or leather' in my little treehouse. It's marvellous! :D


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