Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Touch of Blue

After staring at some Fabriano eco paper for a time, 
she began to tear it into sections. 
On and on she went, thinking, "this will be the last one - no, it won't..."  
and "I'll make two journals - no, I'll make one REALLY big one..."

And that was that. 

Once divided into a hefty 22 signatures, she popped the paper in the press awhile to flatten it some more, while she dived into the cupboard, and onto her big stash of leather. 
She pulled some out, visualised, put it back.

This process went on for quite some time,
until she felt like the carpet was making imprints on her knees.
And there it was. She pulled out a long, rather misshapen piece of leather,
that was once lurking around a furniture factory,
probably meant to be a couch, but didn't really fit the bill.

After trimming it to size, she went mad buffing it with her special polish,
until it reached a delicious tone. 
She then began to hammer her leather stamping tools into it, over and over. 
She retrieved & made incisions into the now-the pressed paper, then again into the leather.

Taking some blue linen thread, she began to stitch, and stitch...and stitch some more. Along with a leather tie, she added a beautiful key to the flap, and stood back to say hello.


  1. A lovely insight into how it came to be - thank you for sharing :)

  2. A privileged peak into the creative process and the coming into being of a thought. xxx


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