Monday, September 19, 2011

Crafternoon Tea

I thought I might share with you a couple of photographs I took at the Crafternoon Tea market which I held a stall at over the weekend. It was a lovely event during which I met and spoke with some wonderful crafty folk who up until then I had only known in a cyber way! What a refreshing thing, to have a cyber 'friend' breathe and smile infront of you - the world opens up. :) Although I am grateful for the online connections I have and the amazing people I have 'met' I do wish I could have them all in one room at once, to have cups of tea and chat about art!

These were taken with my cellphone, so not the best of quality... but still nice to see the set up all the same. 

More to come soon lovely readers, I am in the midst of much creating!


  1. A very appealing display Louise :). How lovely that you got to meet cyber friends in person. I too would love to get everyone in one place for a day (at least!)

  2. Wouldn't it be fabulous to have all our online art and craft friends together in an actual room sharing ideas, experiences and inspirations?

  3. How wonderful! Your stall looks amazing, I'd love to have been there and check out your fabulous books!!

  4. Beautiful stall! It looks a fascinating market. I would love to browse your journals and especially read the little tags on each one. Magic and precious. xxx

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments friends! Yes, how amazing it would be to have you all in one room... or if we all had a market together! Sigh...


I love to read your comments & thoughts!

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