Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Journeyman

I loved creating this beautiful journal. The leather is from an olde wallet with the most delicious features, I particularly am fond of the splash of what appears to be red wax on the bottom left on the back of the journal. It's got true age and character, I wonder what journeyman stories await! I have more of the inside of the leather left, and will continue to create with it! Just a beautiful find.

Now available here on Etsy.


  1. As soon as I clicked on the image and saw the tooled leather I thought " oh I'd love to know some of the story of this..." and I scrolled down and there was a story! Thank you! Your pieces are always so intriguing and it is lovely to get a bit of the story behind them. Go well.

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  3. Thank you Fiona and Michelle! I value your feedback and comments immensely. :) xx

  4. Wow this journal is beautiful with the etched leather. You create with such finesse, it's quite delightful to browse Bibliographica's shop. I also enjoy your descriptions of the journals, they become very personalized and full of character.

  5. You choose the best names for your creations..♥

    it's gorgeous by the way... wow

  6. I saw it in your shop and wow... I fell in love :X


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