Monday, September 5, 2011

A River

Flowed past me last week, as I made my way to the studio.

On my back I carried Mr. Nikon (who is wrapped in a towel since his official bag had to be discarded after a certain animal decided to pee on it), a snippet of tea stained paper with a handwritten address to send an order, a staedtler pen, bottle of water & a pear.

In my ears played an olde tune by Ultravox.

It was then, that it started to rain.

First just a light precipitation... then a little heavier until... there I was,

Umbrellaless, with 20 mins left to my destination.


Continuing on, I walked until I declared myself officially drenched; only then taking refuge in the roadside bamboo mini-forest.  Turning up the sound on my Ipod, I focused on the river & enjoyed a moment or two of meditation as the water danced past my eyes.

All the happiness, sadness, passions, dreams, losses & loves swirled, surged in my head, heart, body & soul.
Pieces of me, I thought lost, came floating past in the water,
and picking them up,
I put them back where they belonged.

In doing so,
I no longer felt the wet clothes in which I was clad,
nor did I care for the fact that I was cold,

and without my broken wing,

I walked on,
with Ultravox,
my whole self,
and the rain, rainy... rain...


  1. sometimes we need such moments to put ourselves back into perspective ♥

  2. I love your photography Louise - a beautiful and wistful post! x


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