Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Words Awash

I was rattling around in my parent's garage the other day. It's full of all sorts of things - things we love, things we hate, things we ought to get rid of but haven't, things we ought to get rid of but won't, life stories, boxes of 'stuff', tools, machines, bits & bobs, empty honey jars recycled into nail storage boxes (full of nails), hammers, a very large old dining table dating back to another era (where I actually lay out my tea stained paper to dry)...

Several times over the years, we have managed to clear it out to park two cars in there. This lasted so long, until the cars were outside again. Someone moved, things changed and we needed to store more stuff. Now as frustrating as it can be to observe all the stuff that needs moving to another place (where?) it is an absolute magical wonderland, if one has the patience, to stand and find things.

My father is a sure fire tinkerer. He knows how to make almost anything and fix anything else, and if he doesn't know he'd probably have a go at it all the same. He's got all sorts of things in there and I am often scouring the shelves just for a look.

There I was, doing just that the other day, when I came across this delicious olde washer. The detail is beautiful, it's dented, rusty & worn - reminiscent of molted earth or volcanic rock cut away by harsh winds over thousands of years. I saw a journal in my mind upon spying it, and had to set about bringing it to fruition.

So with clearance from the previous washer-owner, I set forth on my journal-creating-journey and came up with Words Awash, now available in my Etsy store.


  1. Oh I do love a worn (or rusty) washer! Works beautifully here...

  2. A beautiful washer indeed - I love how you see the potential in things such as these and create beauty :)

  3. A beautifully aged and fascinating little book and tale...

  4. I love this story and I love the washer journal!! As the sibling of Bibliographica's creator I know well this garage of marvels. Awesome to showcase some of it. :)

  5. Thank you Fiona, Mel & Denise for your comments I appreciate them! And lastly dear Sarah for popping in, I know YOU know what I mean! ;D xx I think we even turned that garage into a rollerskating rink once...

  6. that is amazing and wonderful read. i really envy people like you that see art in everyday things and create it to something beautiful! you are truly talented in your craft x

  7. A beautiful old washer given new life- always good. Funny, it's always those bottom-of-the-draw- throw-out-junk that are the most magical. (to artists at least)


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