Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Girl with the Pearl-Boxed Earrings

Lately, I am the maker of teeny tiny things. So much so, that when I laid eyes on what one would consider a 'normal' sized journal I thought it to be enormous.

Gulliver wanders around me.

I watch the daisies popping up through the grass and can see the sky from underneath their petals.

Life is beautiful...

So I thought I'd photograph my creating today. 

I started by seeing this beautiful olde vintage pill box with a pearl-shell inlay that I was determined to create something to fit inside. (I have smaller ones than this and am becoming rather adventurous) I began by tearing up tiny pieces of archive text paper, which I had earlier prepared with tea-staining and pressing. 

After dividing the wee pages up into 6 signatures of 3 sheets each, I gently made two incisions with my awl to sew with linen thread. 

Here you can see the paper and little sections before they were sewn.

And here, after I stitched the wee thing and had it sitting on my fingers (this is the part when I become Gulliver)...

I found a small cutting of a beautiful piece of leather I acquired a while back from a bag of off-cuts. I used the large piece to make this journal: (which sold very quickly and flew to Dublin). 

I cut a tiny piece of the left-over leather to size & covered the wee books once they had dried (and after I had added mull & headbands). The process is long and intricate, but I am passionately fastidious with teeny tiny things.

These little babies are so delightful, and are fitted with antiqued copper niobium ear wires with a bright copper ball. Perfect for sensitive ears. The wee tin says 'Clover' on the underside. What does it all mean?

The Girl with the Pearl-Boxed Earrings - now available in my Etsy store.


  1. These earrings are precious! Beautiful work.

  2. So lovely. I really enjoy your little boxed works. These will fly out of your shop I'm sure.

  3. Beautifully intricate, a real treasure for the wearer / keeper!


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