Monday, October 17, 2011

No.2 in C

I was ready to leave the studio last night, as the second half of the rugby rolled on out of the television set; seemingly a magnet to all eyes but mine. I'd been in the kitchen gluing tiny little books while the yahooing carried on, listening to Joni Mitchell on my Ipod 'Both Sides Now' - on repeat...

In packing my bags together I came across a bag of fabric which has been passed down through the family from my dear Grannie, who recently turned 95. Back in her day she was a talented seamstress and dressmaker, creating the most exquisite gowns which adorned the bodies of many thrilled customers. She even made her own wedding dress, and also my first tutu that I practically lived in as a child.

 (yes, I fancied myself a bit of a jack of all trades - either that or I had an identity crisis or chronic indecisiveness, I just wanted to wear it all at once, so I did...pic taken in 1978)

Our Edith (my Grannie) even made her own quilt cover, under which she now sleeps - it's absolutely beautiful, covered in pretty pink flowers. She sits under it in the morning and sips tea like a true lady would, out of her beautiful tea cup and saucer which actually match. I am not sure that was intentional - it just seems flowers follow her wherever she goes.

I found some off cuts of this particular quilt fabric, and I saw a journal in my mind. Instead of going home to my house in the trees, I found myself minutes later laying out fabric, cutting up leather and trimming boards. In between some current commissions, I had prepared some tea-stained archive text paper that I had not decided quite what to do with - but today I found the time to stitch and complete this sweet journal.

This one's for you, my dear Grannie. xxx


  1. utterly exquisite.... Your grannie & the new journal. I hope you have used one of your delightful journals to write her story. I was always going to.. but time passed and it was too late. My mom's mom was a teacher in Montana. In a one room school house for many years. She sang .. wonderfully and I wanted to record her..

    love Joni ..

  2. That is a very sweet journal and so interesting to find out about your Grannie Edith! love the images, too.

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments.

    Lisa - your story is heart-string strumming... I do write about my Grannie but you know she has actually written and printed (and bound) a book about her life. I have an unbound copy and it is a project I am currently working on...

    You would have recorded your Grannie's voice in your heart. xxx

  4. I love the little insights into your world Louise. The way you write easily translates into a visual picture of a scene (well in my mind anyway!). And a beautifully meaningful journal.

  5. Mel that is such a lovely thing to say. Thank you. xx:)

  6. Such a charming post Louise. I love the pics and hearing a little of your grannie's story - just delightful :))

  7. A heartfelt tribute to a precious lady, and one I can very much identify with ... the beautiful floral fabric and the pink tutu alike :) xxx


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