Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Ledger

I had an extremely successful day at the Titirangi Village Market today, which was welcomed and wonderful! I loved meeting my customers and seeing their faces, sharing in their delight at their new found book-friends or gifts for loved ones, feeling the cash in my hand (because I rarely ever carry it and forget what it is like) instead of numbers on a screen (which is also very nice), seeing other crafters and catching up with some good friends that I have made over the years. Wonderful to see everyone.

It was a buzzing day with lots of people to watch and how amazing it is, to see happy families all together going about their Sunday in the sunshine.

I came home to instantly gather up dried tea stained paper, fish more paper out of the tea bath to lay each one out flat to dry, before immersing the next batch for the night. After pressing some for a couple of hours I took it out and managed to complete & photograph a new ledger book which I have just listed on Etsy. This is number 5. This journal is rustic, thick and gorgeous. I love it.

More journals to come this week to fill the shelves as we all gear up for Christmas. I hope to have a nice selection to choose from.


  1. Oh I love it Louise, love this ledger idea, I have just popped over to Etsy to check the details, love the long look, glad you had a super day at Titirangi. cheers Marie

  2. Congrats on a good market day - always good to have sales, but so much better to have enjoyment along for the journey. Go well.

  3. Gorgeous luscious ledger!!

  4. First let me say ... Beeeeautiful ledger :). And I am so pleased you had a great market. It's such a pleasure to attend one with lovely customers, good friends, settled weather, and lots of sales isn't it? Makes your heart sing!


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