Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Bi-Plane Book

I'm so excited to release this book. I loved making it - after realising maybe I ought to be making a few books with children in mind. 

I don't have children myself, but always thought that if I ever did, I'd see myself with a boy. Why? Probably because they have cooler toys.

This little book reminds me of those wooden building blocks that were around in the 70s, they had pictures on the sides and you'd put them all together to build a complete picture. I remember having some and the pictures were peeling off.

Although I made this journal with a boy in mind, it won't mind going to a girl either, or a grown-up for that matter. It's all about creating, releasing the mind - so whatever tickles your fancy, and all that...

Now available in my Felt store.


  1. I would buy this for a boy, oh so cool, cheers Marie

  2. Such a cool gift for a boy!! Beautiful colours & biplane design, a bold and hardy book for a young man.

  3. :)You are so right: boys have cooler toys. Since my husband is a little boy too, it would be the perfect christmas gift for him :) xo Janna

  4. They absolutely do have cooler toys and I love that I get to play with my boys toys! The Bi-Plane book is wonderful Louise - love the colours and design :)

  5. Gorgeous. When my wee boy grows up a bit he will get one of your beautiful books.

  6. Wow!! I LOVE this!! :D well done!


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