Friday, November 25, 2011

Elements of Indulgence

There is a certain delight about indulgence.

Self indulgence, that is.

Now, I am not one to be greedy, but I like to adorn my physical being in jewels, if I can. The problem is, I have many but don't seem to wear them. I realise I have been waiting for that special event or such to show off my jewels. Special event? I don't think so. 

Lately I've thought, well - every day is a damn special event. So on with the jewels, and off I go to the studio, where I spend most of the day completely alone. Well, not really, as I have all my Bibliographicas around me, and that's always a splendid affair. We do have a lot of fun. Sometimes its testing, other times just revelatory.

Then when I take a break I feast on Esty eye candy or read blogs.

Yes, I do get outside.

 Now, I have to share with you some very special eye candy. I have long been a blog follower of Fanciful Devices. I can tell you this, every time I visit Marina's blog I am equally entertained and enveloped by her beautiful archaic creations and absolutely hilarious sense of humor. I always know I'll get a whip of fun when I go there. 

I took the liberty of commenting on one of her recent posts, when she was in the midst of giving away a whole lot of deliciousness to celebrate 1000 Etsy sales. What a woman! Well I couldn't believe it when I actually won?! I never win anything - really, I don't. It's very rare. And this, well - this was way better than any lottery! Check it out.

Fanciful writes "A very rustic necklace made from the frontpiece of a metal printing block/stamp. It says something very romantic and meaningful on it, namely: Solkowski Oil Company. However, since the letters are inverted for stamping, you can tell folks it says whatever you want."

"...It also includes handmade clay beads from India which I've painted dark over the original bright colors, and links of hammered Indian bangle pieces in an emerald color." Fanciful Devices

Would you just look at that incredible bead? My macro nearly licked it!

I wore it to the post office this evening and posted some Etsy sales. 
I felt like I was ten feet tall.

 Along with this amazing necklace, I actually purchased some earrings lately.
The first pair, came from the delightful talented Nusquam. I saw a pair in her shoppe which had sold, and asked her nicely to make me another, which she accepted. The ones I got slightly differed from the original, which I liked as I'm not much one for lots of stuff that's the same. My worst nightmare is to run into someone on the street wearing something that I am wearing. 

Nusquam writes: "Vintage raw baltic amber stones decoupaged with antique paper bits reading the Armenian alphabet. Topped with rustic stoneware bead caps by chellev2. Oxidised African trade beads, vintage wave-like chain, engraved antique metal medallion button sliced in half."
They measures 3 ¾ inches. 

Love the 'button sliced in half'. 
Every time I look at these earrings I see something new. 
They are just so beautiful! So archaic... storytellers....

Lastly, I discovered Jaana from PalimPalim, and had been eyeing up these stunning earrings for a while. I couldn't stand the fact that they had so many hearts and that someone else might get them, so I added them to my cart without much of a further thought. She kindly adjusted them for me to have sterling silver hoops, and I just adore them. 

Eyes in The Dark

 This amber is just so stunning, the macro lens brought up what looked like a little lizard living in there. I have decided that there is. I might name him?
 You can see Mr. Lizard pretty well here. I think he's basking in the sunshine.

 I hope to see more like this from Palim Palim in the future.

The greatest thing, is the cultural aspect of all this.
I am in New Zealand,
Fanciful is in Uruguay,
Nusquam is in Canada, 
and PalimPalim is in Germany.

Love it.
Thank you talented ladies for making me feel adorned in jewels.


  1. Your words had me squirming in my chair in glee. And your photos! I'm jealous of your depth-of-field.
    And those 2 other sets of earrings are soooo lovely.

    ---my eyeballs

    I have to note, though- I'm *from* Uruguay but live *in* Chicago. I know, not anywhere near as romantic. About as exotic as toe jam. ah well, proly why im always on etsy...

  2. Oh how funny, and you know - I even saw the Chicago stamp. I think maybe I'm just so hooked on thinking you were some ancient man from somewhere and Uruguay seemed so exotic. ;D I LOVE the necklace - Thank you, so much

  3. Oh, how sweet! Thank you for all the kind words.
    The earrings I made for you seem to have become quite mellow in character. The background has made every item here look so peaceful, I think they`re all happy!

  4. Love all the ethnic feel to the jewels Louise, cheers Marie

  5. Amazing treasures! These earrings will look perfect on you, beautiful Lou!

  6. Thank you for your kind words, Louise. You are a gem!
    My favorite necklace amongst the ones I owe is from Fanci: a beautiful, beautiful eye themed lariat style necklace. It's like you said: I am always feeling like I was ten feet taller when wearing it. Unbeatable. Adorable. Irresistible.
    The one you won is also amazing. Lucky girl!!!
    Vera is right: looking through your (camera) lense, everything looks so mellow and peaceful. I wish I could jump right into your photos and stay there for the rest of the weekend :)

  7. I had a lovely wander thru these stories, pieces and websites/blogs - a true visual feast, thank you.

  8. What delightful exotic delights! How exciting to win one! :) Love the amber.


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