Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unfinished Symphony

I finished the Unfinished Symphony...

As much as this one can be,
for it remains unfinished,
until it meets the soul who will write, draw or sketch in it.

Heavy, fat, dense and delicious, this journal I like.

It's wonderful, and full of wondrous things.

And soon more to be added, by who?
I don't know...

This excites me.

Entices me.

I like to encourage folk to write or draw.
To bring out something in them that maybe they were too afraid
to unleash before,
because they didn't realise they had the wrong paper, or wrong pen.
Each to his/her own.

It's all got to come together, or the thoughts stay stuck.

I hope this journal allows some thoughts to flow out there...

In this spherical place we call home.

Unfinished Symphony - now available on Etsy.

PS: There's a bigger one, it's coming... not for a while, but it will eventually get there.


  1. What a delicious tease you've offered Louise - little glimpses to what the paper in the journal holds!

  2. Beautiful poetic invitation to a beautiful unique journal!

  3. Looking at those pages gives me a slight shiver. I cringe though love the texture of rough paper in my hands. Wonderful work as always, Louise.


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