Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Crafternoon Tea

i hope to see some new and known faces this saturday at the crafternoon tea market

folks may be aware i have put my etsy shoppe on vacation mode until the 17th of december, after this market closes. my stock is so limited that i will be taking all of it to sell at my stall. 

the last few days i've had my hands in lots of tea, laying out paper & waiting for it to dry - which is very slow due to the damp humid air & persistent rain... in obscure places, semi-dry paper is laid out to dry off. meanwhile, wet paper waits for an obscure place in its transit station: rolls of wax proof paper on top of an antique table.

paper upon paper.

inside the olde green press, dry paper which i had folded into sections becomes increasingly flat. 

the radio hums,
the cat sleeps.
ducks quack and splash about in the little ponds outside,
rain drums on the roof.

a needle goes into paper,
comes out the other side,
and over again...

leather is polished, embossed & embellished.

snippets of fabric sneak under leather and 
peak out of a hole,

tiny wee miniatures sleep in the Gus-press.

awaiting chains themorrow.

not alot of journals will be coming with me, but i can only do so much.

the most important thing is to have fun, and enjoy the company of other crafters,

which i so often crave.

(and maybe make a few bob.)

and maybe i might have some little treats, so be sure to come visit the Bibliographicas.


  1. I hope you have a fabulous time at the marker Louise; And I really enjoyed this description of your day. It slowed me down and felt the gentle rhythm of the studio, the making and the binding, Thank you - I needed that today!

  2. What a beautiful image, you surrounded by tea, paper and thread. I can't imagine anything more pleasant than that for a rainy day. Have a good work and lots of sales, lovely one!!

  3. Beautiful poetry, contemplative creative peace. xxx


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